Fixing a Teeth Gap Through Dental Bridges

When you see a person with a gap between his/her teeth, how will you react? I know for sure, you can’t help yourself from staring back to that person’s dental gap. Missing teeth, especially those in front can lead to a really disturbing situation not only to the person who has the gap but also to the one whom he/she is communicating with. Having missing teeth or even just a tooth can affect one’s self-confidence, especially nowadays when society tend to rely on their first impression of an individual to his/her personal attributes.

You may want to ask your dentist on how to fix gaps in teeth to provide solution to this kind of problem. With the advancement in dental technology, many restorative options with cosmetic advantage can fill the gaps between your teeth. One of these many options is the use of a fixed dental bridge. A dental bridge is a dental appliance that replaces the missing tooth by using the help of the remaining healthy teeth to support the appliance in place. A bridge usually consists of three tooth-like structures – the two crowns serve as abutments or anchors to the two healthy teeth at the sides of the gap. If no healthy teeth are present, dental implants are used as abutments for the dental bridge. The middle tooth, also called as pontic, is an artificial tooth used to fill the gap caused by tooth loss.

A dental bridge is used to fill the spaces caused by missing tooth. It restores the tooth’s natural functions such as chewing and speaking. Aesthetically, it also preserves the integrity and shape of the facial structures. And most importantly, a fixed dental bridge prevents the remaining teeth from shifting out of their positions.

In severe cases, where all your teeth are missing, you can opt to have a full arch replacement using fixed dental bridge. The procedure is made possible with the use of dental implants to serve as abutments and keep the appliance in place. Only your dentist will be able to determine the number of dental implants needed to secure a full arch dental bridge. In instances where a tooth or a few teeth are left, your dentist will have to extract the remaining teeth before continuing with the process of full arch replacement. A full arch dental bridge also has the same benefits a simple fixed dental bridge has. It replaces all the missing teeth thus restoring the ability of the teeth to chew and speak properly. Most importantly, a full arch dental bridge is able to maintain the shape of the face preventing a caved-in appearance.

This dental appliance will help you change how you look and feel about yourself. It can help restore the confidence lost due to missing teeth. It may even land you the partner or the job you have been dreaming of.

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