How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

fixed bridges
Dental bridges are a popular restorative dentistry option for people who are missing a single tooth or several consecutive teeth on the same arch. They disguise the gap in addition to preventing surrounding teeth from gradually moving towards it. If this happens, you could eventually develop issues with your alignment and your bite. Many dental insurance companies provide some coverage for dental bridges when they are medically necessary.
To affix the dental bridge, Dr. Qureshi of Healthy Smiles of La Grange places supportive anchors on each of the teeth next to the area where a tooth is missing. These anchors are essential to hold the dental bridge in place. Once Dr. Qureshi is certain that they are firmly attached, he places the replacement tooth on the posts of the teeth offering support for the dental bridge. It then lies flat on your gum line. He always makes certain that the shade of the new tooth matches that of your existing teeth as closely as possible.
Care of Your Dental Bridge After Placement
One of the most common questions that people ask Dr. Qureshi after having this procedure is “How long do dental bridges last?” Although the national average is 10 years, much depends on your oral hygiene habits and avoidance of unnecessary risks. We will provide you with dental floss intended for people with one or more dental appliances in their mouth. After tying it to a piece of regular dental floss, you are able to remove food particles and plaque from underneath your new dental bridge.
You should also avoid pushing on the dental bridge with your tongue and chewing substances such as ice or hard candy. By following these simple steps, your dental bridge could last as long as 15 years before needing replacement. If you have additional questions about dental bridges or other restorative dentistry options, please contact Healthy Smiles of La Grange at your convenience.

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