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What is Orthodontics and its benefits?

Orthodontics is mainly focused on the treatment of crooked teeth and bite irregularities – also called malocclusions. These are teeth that don’t fit together correctly – are crooked or spaced far apart.

Malocclusions can have a certain negative effect upon the teeth and facial appearance as well. Most malocclusions are inherited from relatives, but they can also be the result of habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Also, the spacing left from an adult tooth being extracted or premature loss of a baby tooth can contribute to a malocclusion.

orthodonticsCrooked teeth are best treated through straightening to prevent gum problems and cavities. For the treatment of crooked teeth and malocclusions, call a trusted Orthodontist. This dental specialist will help keep your mouth healthy by making you more aware of effective fluoride use and principles of preventative dentistry. Through increasing your awareness about the health and look of your smile, you may even realize orthodontics is not only as a medical necessity, but offers many cosmetic benefits as well.

These days the most common orthodontic treatments are the traditional braces and their modern Invisalign® cousin. Braces can be made of metal or ceramic. La Grange dentist Dr. Qureshi provides all types of braces from stainless steel metal braces to the invisible lingual braces (Invisalign®). The cost of braces varies and may depend on the severity of the problem at hand.

Orthodontic Treatment

When braces are fitted you can expect some minor discomfort for the first few days and your teeth may be a little sore. The wires, brackets, and bands also may irritate your tongue, cheeks, and/or lips. You will be provided some special soft wax to cover any hooks or sharp areas of your braces which may irritate you. The discomfort and soreness will usually be gone within a week or two. You also may have moderate discomfort when wires are replaced or adjusted during succeeding dental appointments. You may be given a prescription for painkillers to help ease any discomfort.

Orthodontic treatment outcomes depend on the patient. If given braces, when the time comes to remove them, a retainer will be provided. Wearing a retainer can help maintain tooth positions after the treatment is completed. Once the bite and the position of your teeth are corrected, the bone and gums will need more time to stabilize around the teeth.

Retainers are usually made out of plastic. Your orthodontist will advise you how often you should wear your retainer and for how long. For hygiene purposes, it is recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months following an orthodontic treatment.

Trust La Grange dentist Dr. Qureshi to provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments at affordable costs for both you and your kids with special care from the beginning to end.