Does Your Tooth Need to Be Pulled?

lagrangeWhen you have sudden or severe tooth pain, it could indicate a serious dental problem. Many people put off going to the dentist when this type of pain strikes, which unfortunately only makes the problem worse. Before you dismiss your tooth pain or try to tough it out with only ibuprofen, it’s important to know the cause of a toothache. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Qureshi for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Severe Tooth Pain

An abscessed tooth is one in which a sac filled with pus develops in the tissue that surrounds the roots of the tooth. This occurs as the result of bacteria penetrating the tooth’s outer layers and spreading to its pulp. The pulp is the nerves and blood vessels that make up the soft core contained in each individual tooth. This condition can be excruciatingly painful and should be treated right away.
Gum disease and cavities are also uncomfortable, though typically not a dental emergency. However, we still encourage you to schedule an appointment for evaluation and treatment as soon as possible.
An impacted tooth is another cause of serious pain. This typically happens with wisdom teeth when there is not enough room for these third molars to come in at the back of the jaw. This will require wisdom tooth extraction. It is important to have impacted wisdom teeth removed promptly since they can cause cysts, tumors, damage to other teeth, and serious infections. When Dr. Qureshi needs to extract wisdom teeth, he provides you with anesthesia at the start of the procedure and prescription pain relief once it’s done.
Although we try to save teeth whenever possible, it’s best to remove them when they serve no useful purpose, are severely decayed, or suffer from another type of major dysfunction. We will always let you know the reason for the extraction and any other possible treatment methods that may be available.

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