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The Magic of the Snap-On Smile

The smile is very important to a person’s appearance. One of the first things that people notice about anybody is their smile and when you smile is gorgeous, it enlighten your face and it can be powerful enough to brighten someone else’s day.
Unfortunately, a person can have all kinds of issues with the appearance of his smile. He may have badly stained or discolored teeth, so that his smile looks ugly, old and dirty. He may have fractured, chipped or broken his tooth, so it appears uneven and cracked. He may have a smile that is crooked, crowded, spaced or simply malpositioned. A patient may be dealing with all kinds of cosmetic issues, prohibiting him from enjoying the smile he knows he deserves. If troubled, he can make a decision to see a dentist — and he can be given an option to have a beautiful smile.
The beautiful smile, the Lumineers, give patients the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful smile unlike all the other options made available to patients:
– It requires no tooth reduction. When dental crowns or dental veneers are fabricated for a patient, the procedure requires some tooth reduction. The teeth need to be prepared so that it can accept the prosthetic. The snap on smile requires no tooth reduction at all, so the health of the tooth is preserved.
– The patient is given the option to change his mind. The problem with most cemented prosthetics is that some tooth surface is removed so you have to rely on the prosthetic for your teeth to look normal and nice, at all. This is especially true for dental crowns, where a full-surface reduction is given to a tooth. It is not possible for you to go back and say: “I do not want to have crowns anymore” because they are permanently cemented and removing them will give you an even uglier smile. With the snap on smile, you have the option to go back because all you have to do is to remove the appliance off your teeth. If you used to have a gap, you will still have the gap, and so forth.
– You get results quite instantly. As the name suggests, the snap on smile gives you the opportunity to beautify your smile in just one swift action. If you have somewhere to go to such as a social gathering or if you have a speaking engagement and you need the power of your smile, you just have to take your snap on smile from your case and wear it.
– The fabrication is fairly straightforward. When most prosthetics are made, the patient is required to go in for a tooth preparation, and then he is required to come in for further appointments for fitting, adjustments and final cementation. The experience can be very excruciating, even requiring local anesthesia or sedation for those who wish to make their appointments more comfortable. When the snap on smile is to be fabricated, the only thing that the dentist needs is an impression of the patient’s upper and/or lower teeth, so that the cast can be sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of the Lumineers.
– It is very comfortable to wear. One popular feature of snap on smile appliances is the fact that they are made from a material that is almost as thin as a contact lens, wearing it can be very comfortable. The snap on smile is thin and easy-to-wear, the patient will not feel it in his mouth.

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