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Mr. Dental Implant! Your Premium Non-Stop Chicagoland Dental Implant Supercenter.

Replace a complete missing tooth! Dental Implants are placed. Allowed to heal for 4 months, then a crown is attached. Implants have a 97% longevity and success rate. 1/2 money is due during surgery, remaining 1/2 is due when a crown is placed.


Who Are Dental Implants for?

Any healthy person with a missing tooth. Dental implants are an option provided enough bone is present for the placement of the implant.


Who Should Not Get Dental Implants?

1) Smokers Smoking lowers implant success rate to 50%. Disclaimers will be given to smokers who wish to have implants faced




2) Immuno-compromised patients, including but not limited to Uncontrolled Diabetes, Cancer.

3) Patients with bone disorders, including but not limited to osteoporosis, rickets osteomyelitis.

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Chicago-lands new affordable implant solution.

What is an implant?

An implant is a screw that gets integrated into the bone to replace some or all of missing teeth. The final product is composed of 3 parts, the implant, the abutment and the crown.


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Basic pricing plan

Competitors      Our price

CBCT scan           $400-$700        $99

Implant                $2000-4000         $999

Custom Abutment  $650 -1000       $499

     Crown                $1350- 2000         $999

     Total             $4400-7700        $2596

0% financing available without a credit check. 10-30% down payment required. $50 financing fee may apply from the clinic in some cases. Financing company requires a debit card or a check. Income verification and social security number may be given for Extremely large cases (over $10,000). After 10-30% down payment a $4 monthly fee applies to the financing company along with $39.99 lenders processing charge. Remaining balances are auto drawn from bank account. Typical terms are 12 months. Longer terms applicable for certain situations.

Central location to almost all the Chicago-land areas.


implantsDental Implants are titanium screws that get integrated into the bone. They replicate the support the teeth originally had and allow for ideal chewing and biting forces. They are also made to replicate the aesthetics of your original tooth. Most people wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s a fake tooth without an X Ray.

Our clinic offers implants for $999. How can we offer over 67% off of standard industry norms? Dental Implants are relatively new phenomena among general dentist, and the times have not caught up. In 10 to 15 years this is what everyone will be charging for Dental Implants.

Once the implant is placed, 2-4 months are needed for the implant to integrate with the bone. The first form of integration is when the implant itself is screwed into the bone. The second stage of integration occurs over the next 2-4 months where new bone forms into the grooves of the implant. Afterwards, an impression is taken of the implant and the lab will fabricate the abutment and crown. The process takes about 4-6 months. If a tooth needs to be pulled before hand add an extra 4-6 months time to the total procedure.

Implants in dental literature have a 95 % success rate. 5% of cases just are not taken by the body for various reasons. For most other cases if the implant is cleaned and maintained properly, they should last the rest of your life.

The implant is not the only step to replacing a tooth. The implant acts as a bases and and over it the crown and abutment are screwed on. Our crowns and abutments are extra, but the total price will beat almost any other offer you can find.

Implants are a very complicated surgical procedure. Each case is unique and different. Various facets such as a sinus lift, ridge augmentation or bone grafting may be necessary for a person to get their implants. Sometimes a cone-beam CT (CBCT)  scan may be necessary to measure if enough space is necessary. Either way all our prices for these services are below industry standards.

implant skeletonIn theory a cone beam should be used for every case. The cone beam helps measure bone thickness and height. This helps determine how much space is available for an implant. The CT can also tell us where nerves and sinus openings are.  However there are instances where it may not be necessary. All these factors are at the doctor’s discretion.

As with any surgical procedure the health history of a patient is very vital in determining the stability of implants. Extreme medical conditions could limit the ability of placing implants, and a thorough history of ailments and medications are necessary beforehand. Also if teeth have been missing for a long time, the bone begins to atrophy, and there may be limited space

Many implant clinics will use a stock abutment vs a custom abutment. After the implant integrates (about 4 months time) an abutment needs to be placed so the crown can be supported. Stock abutments are generic versions made to be more cost effective. Custom abutments are milled out in a lab using cad cam software custom to each individual. The overall compatibility are much better for the patient and are highly recommended.

Most insurance amounts are less then what are charges are for for all the parts, hence we don’t accept insurance. If your insurance does have implant coverage, call us and we can work out a solution.

Though we will work on most cases, we can’t accept all cases. Various factors may interfere with implant placement and integration, and each case needs to be looked at individually.