Root Canal RetreatmentRoot canal retreatment is almost identical to the original procedure but there will be no structural removal. There are times a patient’s root canal therapy fails to work as expected. The treated tooth might not have heal properly or the patient might experience post-surgical complications that jeopardize the tooth. Root canal retreatment is the removal of the previous crown and packing material, cleansing of the root canals, and re-packing and re-crowning of the treated tooth.

Dentists recommend root canal treatments and retreatments because these are better alternatives to extraction. If your dental exam shows that your tooth has good bone support, a solid surface and healthy gums beneath it, it will then have a good chance of being saved. Getting a root canal retreatment can be far less expensive than the alternatives like dental implants, extensive bridgework and the creation of aesthetically pleasing prosthetic teeth. These modern dental treatments cost far more than working with a natural tooth.

Why is root canal retreatment required?

If for some patients the through of dental surgery causes them anxiety, root canal retreatment is fairly simple. In general, the whole treatment can be completed in as fast as 1-3 visits.

There are a number of reasons why root canal therapy unexpectedly fails, including:

• Cracked crown leaking filling material.
• Curved or narrow canals not treated during the original procedure.
• Delay in the placement of restorative devices following the procedure.
• New decay to the tooth.
• New fracture in the treated tooth.
• Saliva entering the restorative structure.

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