Invisalign Clear BracesIf you have uneven and spaced teeth, you may be prone to gum disease and other oral diseases. Having warped or uneven teeth is not only unattractive but also uncomfortable. So why not consider the services of a trusted La Grange orthodontist? Straightened teeth will not only give you confidence but also create beautiful and healthy smiles.

Our answer for crooked and uneven teeth—Invisalign® clear braces. They are sometimes referred to as “adult braces” since most adults would rather not bother with those clinky metal-and-wire supports of yesteryear. With these essentially concealed braces you will not worry about the taste of metal and having to smile resembling “grandpa’s old Caddilac” while getting your uneven teeth straightened.

Invisalign® clear braces are a secure and successful treatment for warped and misaligned teeth. We utilize high-tech 3D machine imaging innovation to arrange and customize every patient’s needs. This 3D imaging enables us to display a computerized view of your teeth before treatment and make a comparison to how your teeth will appear shortly after the treatment begins. After your initial check-up, our lab experts will create and customize your aligners. The clear aligners are created out of a medical-grade polymer (plastic), which is harmless yet incredibly durable.

Your modified aligners are usually advised to be worn for 6 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of your case. During this period you will have your your aligners changed on a bi-weekly schedule.

Invisalign® clear braces have been designed to reposition your teeth slowly but surely to have a comfortable and successful teeth straightening treatment throughout. You will notice that with each week that passes, your teeth are closer to the look you’ve always desired.

Why our patients love Invisalign® clear braces:

  • Simple and comfortable to wear
  • Requires only few dental visits – we suggest an in-office appointment with us every six weeks to screen your advancement
  • Removes effortlessly so you can do your normal daily oral health routine (eating, brushing, and flossing)
  • Perfect for attending social events due its inconspicuousness – the answer for people who don’t like to be seen with conventional metal braces
  • Gives successful results

With Invisalign® you avoid the uncomfortable feelings and soreness associated with conventional braces. You won’t ever need to change rubber bands as you do with conventional braces and there’s no worries about your favorite hard foods for fear of damaging your braces.