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Because we understand that some people feel anxious about visiting the dentist, we make sure that you receive care in a friendly environment that is safe and comfortable as well


Dr. Isaac Qureshi

Dr. Qureshi’s passion for dentistry is demonstrated in his impeccable work and his attention to every detail. He treats his patients with compassion, honesty and respect just as he would with any member of his family.


Our Team

Whether you visit us for a hygiene appointment or major surgery, you can expect the same compassionate, quality dental care from our staff.

La Grange Dental Emergencies

Rather than putting this off for days or weeks in which you may be doing yourself harm in the long-term, give yourself a big favor and call your emergency dentist right away. Emergency dentists are experts in their field, and will be able to gauge the current state of your teeth so you’ll be able to get prompt treatment and leave feeling relieved.

Call an Emergency Dentist Today

If you require emergency treatment because of bothersome toothache or because of a dental accident, contact your trusted La Grange dentist Dr. Qureshi and arrange a time that is convenient for you.



If you have pain in your jaw or gums, it could be caused by a toothache. Many times a toothache is an indication that you may have tooth decay that has caused a cavity or it could be a symptom of something very serious called gum disease.

Cracked Tooth

Cracked tooth is a common dental problem. As people retain their natural teeth longer due to advances in dental technology, the likelihood of cracked and fractured teeth increases.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Due to lack of space at the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth are unable to erupt successfully as the other teeth do. They are not functional and should be removed as soon as possible. If the wisdom teeth are not removed, they can cause tumors, cysts, infections, and damage to surrounding teeth. The wisdom teeth can also become stuck because there is no place for them to grow.

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What our fantastic patients say about us


” Very kind and compassionate staff. Dr. is patient and gentle and good to his staff. Modern and clean office with nice equipment as well. So far I’ve had a great experience here. ”
Renee Gawlak-Ghenciu


” If you looking for dentist to change your smile Dr. Isaac is the one. The stuff and entire clinic will make you feel like home. Dr. Isaac care about his patients. He change not only my smile but entire life around. Now I can smile like I couldn’t before. Thank you to all of you guys. ”
Sylwia Marian Kusper

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La Grange Dental Emergencies

We will ensure you will have a fast and effective emergency treatment for a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.


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