Dental Membership Plan

Affordable Dental Care

Don’t waste money on an insurance plan with no value to you and your family, waiting periods, high deductibles, and high monthly premiums. Most people end up paying for insurance coverage they never use or need.

Here at Healthy Smiles of La Grange, we always think of ways how we can help our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles!

What you get:

  • 2 exams per year (100% coverage)
  • 2 cleanings per year (100% coverage)
  • Full mouth X-Rays 1/3 years (100%)
  • Bitewings 1/ years (100%)
  • Limited or emergency exam 1/years (100%)
  • 2 cleanings per year (100% coverage)
  • Fluoride 2/ year under 18 (100% coverage)
  • (Deep cleanings or SRP are not included)

20% off all remaining services

  • (Implant procedures already heavily discounted not included)
  • All services must be in office only, Specialists referrals are not included.

Membership Fees

  • $250 per year for first person in the family
  • $160 per year for each additional member (All family members must have legal residence in the same house)


  • No deductibles
  • No preauthorization
  • No waiting period

Terms and Limitations

This is a dental discount plan and cannot be considered dental insurance. This cannot be combined with dental insurance. Only good at Healthy Smiles of La Grange. This is not valid at any other specialty office. Family members cannot be substituted, each member of the family needs to be enrolled. Effective date is date when you sign up. Cleanings and exams must be done before sign up date. Expiration one year later.