dentalfillingsComposite fillings are tooth colored fillings made to fix a tooth which is damaged by decomposition, breaks, ruptures and more. The afflicted part of the tooth shall be detached and after that be sealed with a composite filling.

There are several kinds of filling components offered and each has its particular high and low points. Both you and your La Grange dentist may talk about the finest choices for fixing your teeth. Composite fillings are probably the highly popular and most commonly used nowadays. For the reason that composite fillings have the same color with the tooth, they could be strongly coordinated to the color of the actual teeth and are more beautifully suited for usage in front teeth or the much more noticeable parts of the teeth.

In the majority of dental restorations or repairs, composite fillings are considered to be not lasting and possibly will be changed someday. These are incredibly heavy-duty, and could last for several years, providing you a lifelong, attractive smile.

What can composite fillings fix?

  • Damaged teeth
  • Closing gap between two teeth
  • Fractured or wrecked teeth
  • Decayed or rotten teeth
  • Destroyed teeth

How are composite fillings applied in the teeth?

Normally, composite fillings are placed in your teeth in a single appointment. While the tooth is without sensation, your dentist shall eradicate decay as needed. The gap will be systematically sanitized and methodically set prior to the placement of the new filling. In case the decay was close to the tooth nerve, there will be a particular treatment or medication that will be administered for supplementary defense. The composite filling will subsequently be positioned, formed, and refined, bring back the original figure and capacity of your tooth. It is expected to feel sensitivity to warm and cold during the initial placing of the composite fillings but this will die down soon, once the tooth gets used to the newly applied filling.

After all these procedures, you will receive a set of steps on properly taking care of your teeth such as excellent oral cleanliness, eating lifestyle, and regular dental visitations which will surely support in the existence of your new fillings.